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Artisan Shop

Posted by Hanni Liliedahl on

In my hometown in Alaska, there is a brick and mortar artisan shop. As a little girl, I was enamored with the beautiful goods and was especially captivated by the signature gift-wrapping. For special occasions and birthdays, I was always delighted to see that wrapping waiting for me.

In high school, I started working at that same shop. I went to college in New York City yet I returned home every break to resume my position behind the register.

As I traveled the world and worked abroad, I continued to fall deeper in love with and developed an even greater respect for the charm and distinction of an artisan shop.

In 2012, after a grueling two-year renovation of a dilapidated, uninspired building with beautiful bones, we opened Lilify. It is humbling and a huge honor to have been in business for 8 years.

I, and our gracious Lilify team, love watching someone fall in love with our shop. We are also so thrilled that Lilify love can be experienced in our online shop.

I thank you for loving boutique retail and supporting the artists, makers and movers that make up Lilify.


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