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Autumn Audio

Posted by Jesse Silacci on

Autumn arrives, we find ourselves still sheltering and I’ve become more and more attracted to music created in secluded settings - acoustic shows, solo performances and especially albums recorded at home.

At the apex of my favorite albums list is Tom Petty’s Wildflowers. One of Petty’s most intimate and personal albums, it is set to be re-issued October 16th. Included in this re-issue are 15 tracks of home demos.

It is this version of the iconic title track “Wildflowers” that is perhaps the best anthem for the year.   The recording feels so confidential, with just Tom Petty and his guitar, and you almost feel like you are in the room with him.

The familiar lyrics performed from such a private setting encapsulate the tandem of 2020 - solitude while yearning to be somewhere you feel free.

Keep an eye out and an ear open for the full release this autumn, so that you can spend a little alone time with Tom.


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