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Autumn Arrives

Posted by Hanni Liliedahl on

Autumn arrives gently. At first I notice the changing leaves and feel the changing temperature. The transition to fall brings a chill that is cozy and calm. It is the season of scarves and cardigans, blackberries, butternut squash, Brussels sprouts, and a rhythm that is slower and more subdued.

In my garden, I have cut back and am planting seeds to greet next spring. My lemon tree is abundant and my figs are ample.  Rotund dahlias exalt the afternoon sun and graceful roses are growing in their delicate, refined manner. I am constantly cutting thyme, sage and chives for soup and in the evenings often brew a pot of freshly gathered mint tea.

My morning walks in autumn are more serene, a combination of the brisk sea breeze and the darkness lingering longer into the day. There can be a melancholy to the bay that is meditative and musing.

I wish you a welcome to all that is fall– to a time of year that is simultaneously bountiful, crisp and snug. 


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