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Bubble Bath

Posted by Hanni Liliedahl on

This year has been a journey. Months, weeks and certain hours can feel up, down and all around. As we navigate the many challenges, a dear friend of mine said it best when he told me “now is a time to be kind to ourselves.” 

What is kinder than a beautiful bubble bath?

Bathing welcomes the time and space to pause and nourish our body, our skin and our soul. To allow oneself to break, breathe and to be, we introduce our newest line of small batch, signature bubble bath.

Created in collaboration with and made locally by Connie Mardon, our bubble bath features the same exquisite scent blends as our beloved body lotions. Herby, earthy and unique, our blends offer careful aromatic pairings created to relax and uplift.

I invite you to extend kindness to yourself or to others, with our restorative bubble bath now available in shop and online.


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