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Fall Favorites

Posted by Tess Tarling on

Black Tea + Eucalyptus

As we worked with dedicated local body products maker Connie Mardon on our signature soaps, we immediately were infatuated with the combination of Black Tea & Eucalyptus. This was a pairing that was rustic and dynamic - the tannins of the tea suited the brightness of the eucalyptus. This soap is one of our most beloved housewarming gifts.

Ho Wood + Ginger

When we concocted, with lovely local body products maker Connie Mardon, on our all natural Ho Wood & Ginger lotion, we were striving for a balance and depth that simultaneously elicited warmth and tranquility. The herbaceous, slightly peppery ginger married the beautifully fragrant wood oil with a finish that is at once rich and calming.

Grapefruit + Rosemary

Collaborating with enthusiastic local candle maker Emmaline Molloy, we were very inspired to produce a candle that was both tart and grounded. As we explored blends, we were delighted when we came upon Grapefruit + Rosemary. 
The fresh citrus was perfectly augmented by the herbaceous rosemary. This candle always reminds me of my autumn nuptials, as citrus was in abundance and my bouquet included fresh rosemary.


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