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Posted by Hanni Liliedahl on

Jesse and I received an Alex Marshall bowl for a wedding gift almost ten years ago. I was in love, with my new husband, and maybe even more with our new bowl. When we opened the shop in 2012, we knew that Alex’s amazing ceramic work would be part of our offerings.

Alex Marshall Studios is based out of Chico, California, which is Jesse’s hometown. Alex is the artist and her husband Andrew is the business manager. The team creates ceramics that are conceptual and connecting, organic yet modern, stunning as well as utilitarian. 

We love watching people fall in love with Alex’s work, just like we did. It was with excitement and anticipation that we collaborated with Alex to create our first signature ceramic collection. 

The Lilify x Alex Marshall RITUAL collection is in homage to our habitual mini moments – turning our day-to-day routines into a rite. Waking up to bright espresso, stopping mid-morning for a spot of tea, returning home after a hectic day to a bracing cocktail, sitting down with a beloved book and a soothing chalice of cabernet - the familiar and frequent traditions that allow each of us to brake and to just be.

I invite you to explore our gloss black and matte white, handcrafted, drinking vessels and fall in love with our RITUAL collection.


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