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Scary Goldings

Posted by Jesse Silacci on

Lyrics can make a song feel like it was written just for you. A well-written song can make you laugh, cry, laugh and cry - and even define a generation. But sometimes you don’t want all that, you just want to let the instruments do the talking. The music can mean whatever you want, no need for interpretation. 

Scary Goldings is an incredible collaboration of Larry Goldings and The Scary Pockets. The combination feels like it was always meant to be.

The Scary Pockets are comprised of Ryan Lerman and Jack Conte along with a continually rotating list of musicians. They can be found on YouTube doing fun covers of everything from “I will Survive” to “Sweet Child O’ Mine”.

You may not have heard of Larry Goldings but you have more than likely heard him. 

He’s infused his signature keyboard sound with De La Soul, Norah Jones, James Taylor, Herbie Hancock and John Mayer just to name a few.

Enjoy a good listen to Scary Goldings on a mellow autumn evening, imbibing, or just vibing.


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