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Summer Inspirations

Posted by Hanni Liliedahl on

Summer days are longer, lighter and livelier. The delicacy and renewal of spring has transitioned to a bounty of brightness and activity. It is the season of sweet corn and watermelon, swimsuits and sprinklers, sleeping outside and staring at the stars.

In my garden, the cherry blossom, snapdragon and sweet pea have all disappeared and my poor pansies, so avid and abundant in March, slumped in unison as soon as touches of summer weather hit. Now it is time to cut back and cut down, with heavier watering, in order to welcome dinner plate dahlia, bachelor button and veronica – my flower babies who thrive in full sunlight and warm temperatures.

And, then there is my son, who expresses extreme disappointment in a day wherein we have not been to his beloved beach.

Here’s wishing you a barefoot July, with sticky berries, dreamy bonfires and bright blue skies.


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