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Summer Selects

Posted by Tess Tarling on

Lemon + Poppyseed

To suit the sweat of summer, we partnered with local soap maker Connie Mardon to create a soap that was uplifting as well as astringent. Lemons are such an iconic scent to the season and paired with poppy seeds offer an even more elegant, exfoliating experience.

Peony + Tangerine

When we collaborated with local candle maker Emmaline Molloy on this summer’s newest release, we sought to create a scent that evoked the sweetness of the season, a bright floral top note balanced with a touch of tang. When we finally arrived to our “Peony + Tangerine” we knew we had created a candle which embodied the essence of summer – floral forward but fresh.

Grapefruit + Geranium

As we explored blends with local body product maker Connie Mardon, we were thrilled when we hit upon a combination that was both tart and rich. Grapefruit, a circulation stimulant, married perfectly with leafy Geranium, creating a body lotion that is both energizing and regulating.


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