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Lilify, an artisan shop in Monterey, California, opened in 2012 and has been featured in Dwell Magazine, Sunset Magazine, C Magazine, Rue Magazine, Carmel Magazine, AAA Magazine, 7x7, Design Sponge, Sacramento Street and Apartment Therapy.





Hanni Liliedahl, Creative Director + Owner

Hanni was raised in Alaska and educated in New York City. She worked as part of design teams in Japan, South Africa and Guyana before settling in California. When she is not astir at Lilify, she is gardening, painting, tap dancing, cooking and loving on her son.

Jesse Silacci, Operations Director + Owner

Jesse is fifth generation Californian and after undergraduate adventured to Guam and Guyana. When he is not managing the technicalities of Lilify, constructing the displays and approving the playlists, he is practicing judo and getting silly with his son.

Tess Tarling, Online Operations Director

Tess was born and raised on the coast of Maine and schooled in Wisconsin. She has traveled and worked in Hawaii and St. Eustatius. When she is not creating content and managing Lilify's online presence, she is cooking, weight lifting and beach combing. 

Aryanna Arredondo, Sales

Aryanna is a California native who resided in Texas for six years. While in San Antonio, she developed her admiration for photography, design, and floral display. Her passions shine through her work, her studies and her eye for artisan goods. When she is not at Lilify, you can find her reading, observing the world through a 50mm lens and pursuing her creative endeavors. 

Colleen Frye, Lead Garment Maker
Colleen was born and raised in California, attended Carmel schools and the University of Northern Colorado. After spending time in Ireland with her young son, she returned to Carmel and owned and operated a hair salon for 25 years. The youngest of 4 girls in a matriarchal creative family, she now continues to explore her artistic talents in many new ways, including designing and sewing for Lilify.
Sarah Hall VaseyGarment Maker
Sarah is from Monterey, California. Her creative side has been nurtured by working with stage and flamenco dance costumes as well as building quilts for family and friends.


Erin Kenyon, Garment Maker

Erin, a multi-generational Californian, is by trade a landscape designer. Having earned a degree in horticulture early on and solidifying her love of all things plants has worked in and around the Carmel area designing small space gardens for the past 30 years. She has found that working with fabric is almost as compelling as working with plants and uses it as a creative outlet in her life.

Eileen Roche, Photographer

Eileen is a San Francisco-based photographer. She brakes for estate sales, goats, and good views, and is constantly finding ways to spend more time exploring. Clients and features include Zipcar, Virgin Mobile, Hipcamp, Visit Marin, Design*Sponge, and AFAR magazine.

Alyssa Synsteby, Product Photographer

Alyssa is a California native; she was born and raised in Pacific Grove, and educated in California. She received her first camera at the age of eight, and the gift sparked a lifelong love of photography. When she is not behind her camera she is often dabbling in other crafty hobbies such as knitting, dyeing, and sewing. 




Connie Mardon || Soap Maker, Sheba Soaps

Connie Mardon is a native Californian.  She enjoys making artisan soap, using herbs as colorants and essential oils to coincide with the "look" of each batch.  Similar to the laws of nature, where nothing is permanent, Connie views soap making as a natural art form; like a field of poppies that may appear all the same, no two are exactly alike, and they can be enjoyed for a time. When she's not creating new soap and lotion concoctions, she teaches American Tribal Style Belly Dance, Yoga, and is an Ayurvedic Practitioner.    

Susan McKendry || Ceramic Artist, Susan McKendry Ceramics

Born and raised in New Zealand, Susan has spent her adult life in the US, ultimately settling on California’s Central Coast.  When not playing with clay, she can be found gardening, working with foster youth, and assisting at the Youth Arts Collective in Monterey.

Emmaline Molloy || Candle Maker, Valley Botanicals

Emmaline Molloy was raised and educated in Upstate New York. She planned to pursue her degree in Art Education until she took a trip to the Big Island, Hawaii not long after she graduated college. It was there that Emmaline became interested in herbalism and gardening, which then led her into making natural, plant-based skincare products. She now lives in Big Sur, California alongside her pup Yarrow and partner Jon, where together they grow many of the plants that are used in Valley Botanicals’ products, as well as the beeswax from their beehives.
Mikaela Rose || Owner, Feather Me Orange
Mikaela is a Northern California native and new to the Monterey Bay. She started sewing with her grandma at the age of eight. Together they made stuffed animals and simple clothing. Mikaela’s Mother and Father gifted her a her very own sewing machine at the age of fourteen. Mikaela then started making book bags for school and her own bikinis and clothing.  

Feather Me Orange was born in 2008 in San Francisco when Mikaela was attending the Circus Center to become an aerial acrobat. Since then Mikaela has been selling wholesale sewn goods to stores in Northern and Central California. Her most popular item, The Classic Mudcloth Zip, is made with authentic mudcloth fabrics from Western Africa. All fabrics sourced for f.m.o. goods are carefully curated and hand picked.




Bright Coffee, owned and operated by Cafe Lumiere, is located inside Lilify and is open everyday 7-5.






Lilify is honored to be a part of our Monterey community. We believe in giving back and have supported the Monterey Public Library, Monterey Museum of Art, Osio Theater, Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History, MEarth and Youth Arts Collective.